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Coming soon...

Enjoy a sneak preview of Be Love

Lazin' In The ShadeThe Giantess
00:00 / 05:05
Untitled_Artwork 109.jpg
Lost In AustinThe Giantess
00:00 / 04:35
Untitled_Artwork 106.jpg

Be Love will be available for digital and physical purchase and on all streaming platforms. If you would like to pre order a physical copy of the album, please email us at and purchase through Venmo or PayPal. We will of course have physical CD's at live shows but we are more than happy to send you your copy via good old fashioned snail mail.

Venmo: @Tess - Gunderson

Want to buy The Giantess band art or gig posters? Email us at or text Tess at 512-568-6152. Different sizes and style options available.

Untitled_Artwork 100.jpg


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