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The Giantess is an original character, a dance band and a show, currently based out of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. The band performs with a Roots-Rock meets Jazz style. They mesh elements of Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Country and Rockabilly to create a light-hearted, larger-than-life, theatrical, danceable and often humorous live show told through the creative storytelling of songwriters

Tess Minnick and Rob Gunderson. 

The Giantess is something akin to a colorful comic book character come to life, inviting you to step into her lair and an alternate reality, using the retro roots sounds of American music. The music tells tales of childhood adventures, love lost and found, dreamy landscapes of far away places and of the curious tendencies of a murderous feline by the name of Bearface. 


Tess Minnick - Vocals

Rob Gunderson - Lead Guitar

Richard Cole - Bass Guitar

Tony Killcollins - Drums


Voted "Best Band" 2019


Tess Minnick


"Tess, Rob and the rest of the band are true professionals. It shows in every aspect of their performance. Tess is a multi talented singer, dancer, songwriter, and choreographer. She has the smoothest blues alto voice you will ever hear; which combined with her original music and perfect dance moves, makes for a complete entertainment immersion. I never miss a performance if I can help it. I recommend you do the same before the only place you can see them is LA, NY, Seattle, Nashville, or on their European tour."

"Every time I have the privilege to see them perform, it reaffirms to me why they’re the best local group."

"I like the way this band performs! They're musicians alright, but the STYLE and presence they show make not only listening to them, but watching them perform a welcome respite from all the noise out there."